Peter Weinstein - 2003-03-31


I find that I am unable to lookup a synset using a previously stored synset key (with dictionary.getSynsetAt(partOfSpeech, offset)). The given reason is that "caching is not enabled".

Unfortunately, I have been unable to figure out how to enable caching without modifying source code. The JWNL properties file does not include an attribute for caching. The default value in FileBackedDictionary is "enable_caching", but it needs to be "true" to actually be enabled.

I'm wondering if I do enable caching by modifying the source etc., should I then expect numerous bugs because the caching capabilities of the system have atrophied? Or is there a reasonably easy way to turn on caching that I am missing? Or might there be another problem involved with using dictionary.getSynsetAt()?

Thanks for your help!