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  • Ralph Vince

    Ralph Vince - 2006-11-06

    I am trying to understand why getEntailments() doesn't seem to work for me. I am passing in the parameters correctly, it seems, for a verb, but can never get this PointerUtils method to return anything to me. Can someonple please tell me why I cannot get enatailments? Checking this forum, I dont know if anyone is even working with entialments -- perhaps this is a bug? Thanks, Ralph Vince

    The same code works, essentially for

              String myword="fly";
     wordy = Dictionary.getInstance().getIndexWord(POS.VERB, myword);                       
              Synset ssetx [] =  wordy.getSenses();        
              PointerTargetNodeList mnyms = PointerUtils.getInstance().getEntailments(sset);//same problem is I use get EntailedBy()
                for(int x=0;x<mnyms.size();x++){
                    PointerTargetNode pt = (PointerTargetNode) mnyms.get(x);
                    Word [] wordx = pt.getSynset().getWords();

    • Ralph Vince

      Ralph Vince - 2006-11-06

      I meant to say in the post that this same code works if I replace with getMeronyms(sset) or getAntonyms(sset) with a POS.NOUN or a POS.ADJECTIVE. However, when I use getEntailments(sset) or getEntailedBy() with a POS.VERB derived sysnset, the call to geEntail...() yields a PointerTargetNodeList of size 0. Why? -Ralph


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