Stop Word

  • zackling

    zackling - 2004-12-29

    How to determine whether a particular word is a stop word?

    • Erh-Wen,Kuo

      Erh-Wen,Kuo - 2005-01-05

      Hi Zackling
      I am not understand about the "stop word" you mention. Could you describe more?

    • zackling

      zackling - 2005-01-05

      Stop words are common words that are ignored by search engines at the time of searching a key phrase. This is done in order to save space on their server, and also to accelerate the search process.

      Some commonly excluded "stop words" are: the, that, then, but, if, or, and...

    • Erh-Wen,Kuo

      Erh-Wen,Kuo - 2005-01-06

      I think you should have a list of "stop words" and you should load the list into a "Set" object. Before you do any search on WordNet, search this "Set" instead. If the word isn't contained in this "Set" then you start searching in Wordnet. I could not find any direct support function from Wordnet about "stop words" checking.


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