Kev - 2006-07-04

I have tried using this method with several words and always returns nothing. The code is below.  What am I doing wrong ? I have looked the words up in wordnet browser and it shows they do have related words. I have also tried using getCauses and getAttributes and they return nothing as well. I tried using all the example words in the example.

IndexWord COM = Dictionary.getInstance().lookupIndexWord(POS.NOUN, "communication");


private void demonstrateListOperation(IndexWord word) throws JWNLException {
         Synset test[] = word.getSenses();
        for(int i=0;i<test.length;i++) {
            PointerTargetNodeList as= PointerUtils.getInstance().getAlsoSees(test[i]);
            for (int j=0; j < as.size(); j++) {
                PointerTargetNode ptn = (PointerTargetNode) as.get(j);
                Word[] ws = ptn.getSynset().getWords();
                for (int w=0; w < ws.length; w++) {