JWNL Development, Support for WN 2.1 and 3.0

  • Brett Walenz

    Brett Walenz - 2007-12-06

    JWNL is once again under development. In preparation for the release of JWNL 1.4, CVS will be cleaned up slightly. The code is outdated, the rc3 source jar contains the most recent code base. Since I am not sure where it stands, the outdated head will be branched and head will be replaced with the updated code base from the rc3 jar.

    JWNL 1.4 will be officially released sometime in January, and will contain the following features:

    -support for WordNet 2.1 and 3.0
    -add support for accessing sense key and sense tag counts
    -improved documentation
    -bug fixes
    -unit tests

    • Brett Walenz

      Brett Walenz - 2007-12-06

      The latest code is checked into Subversion, CVS has been deactivated but still contains the older versions.

    • Anonymous - 2008-11-27

      is there someone who can help in using jwnl with wordnet 2.1.
      please telle me how can I use them with netbeans ?

    • Toph

      Toph - 2008-12-01

      Thanks for the updates to this!  It's great to see this project under development.

    • James Kosin

      James Kosin - 2009-07-19

      I'm using netbeans and Windows VISTA install of WordNet 2.1 from prinston.edu...  It seems to advertise as 3.0; so,  the FileBackedDictionaryTester.java failes with the wrong index for 'tank'.

      Another anoyance is you have to manually change the path to the file properties . xml file...  I wish there was an easier way to specify the path.
      Another thing was I also had to modify the properties file to point to where WordNet 2.1 was installed on my system.  Again, not sure if there is a better way.

      Other than these, seems to be working quite well.

      Patch for those interested below.


      # This patch file was generated by NetBeans IDE
      # Following Index: paths are relative to: C:\Users\James Kosin\Documents\NetBeansProjects\thesis\jwnl\test\net\didion\jwnl\data
      # This patch can be applied using context Tools: Patch action on respective folder.
      # It uses platform neutral UTF-8 encoding and \n newlines.
      # Above lines and this line are ignored by the patching process.
      Index: DictionaryTester.java
      --- DictionaryTester.java Remotely Modified (Based On HEAD)
      +++ DictionaryTester.java Locally Modified (Based On LOCAL)
      @@ -213,10 +213,15 @@
                       found = true;
               } else if (JWNL.getVersion().getNumber() == 3.0) {
      -            if (synset.getOffset() == wn30TankOffset) {
      +                        if (JWNL.getOS() == JWNL.WINDOWS) {
      +                                if (synset.getOffset() == wn21TankOffset) {
                       found = true;
      +                        else if (synset.getOffset() == wn30TankOffset) {
      +                found = true;
      +            }
      +        }
               return found;

      • James Kosin

        James Kosin - 2009-07-19

        Never mind.  I really need to take more coffee before saying anything while tired.  There was another field in the XML configuration file that displayed the version.  This was what JNWL was referring to and not the database version.
        I changed this and the original code for DictionaryTester.java works.

  • Shashika

    Shashika - 2009-12-20

    I have the same problem… please help me too…
    thanks in advance


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