mikewertheim - 2008-06-24


I am a new JWNL user.  I have managed to get JWNL working using a file-backed dictionary.  Now I want to move to a map-backed dictionary, but have run into problems.

On Windows XP, I used DictionaryToMap to build the map-based dictionary files.  I then tried to start up JWNL with jwnl_map_properties.xml, and it failed while trying to read the noun index.

Digging into it, I see that the actual exception is a java.io.EOFException, which happens when MapBackedDIctionary.loadDictFile() calls PrincetonObjectDictionaryFile.readObject().  So the dictionary file is corrupt.

Does anyone have clear instructions on how to build the map-backed dictionary files?

Alternatively, if anyone has successfully built the map-backed dictionary files, would it be ok to post them online so that we don't all have to go through this build process?