MapBackedDictionary and JWNL 1.4-RC2

  • Ryan Nickell

    Ryan Nickell - 2009-07-23

    bwalenz:  I tried using MapBackedDictionary with JWNL 1.4-RC2 and I wasn't able to get it to work without making some modifications.

    When I run my program, what it does is look for a table called "exception", which is nonexistent.  Instead, there's a generated table called "synsetexception" that I renamed.

    Second, it looks for a field called "exception" in that table, and again there isn't one.  There is one called "s_exception" that I had to rename to get it to work.

    • Ryan Nickell

      Ryan Nickell - 2009-07-24

      Sorry for the confusion, I meant DatabaseBackedDictionary, not MapBackedDictionary.

      Also the function Synset.getLexFileName() always returns null because the lexfile data is nonexistent in the tables.


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