• Anonymous - 2003-03-11

    First of all im sorry for my english.(too bad)
    I have been trying the soft and its perfect for us as a start point for developing a webmail system (were an University with 20.000 students and 1.500 teachers). Perhaps I will join you when I get more experience in Java !!

    The bugs/suggestions are:

    1) When reading/navigation the applications, wrong number of new/read messages in INBOX appears. For instance, in some pages shows 0/6 and in others 6/6, and so on.

    2) When forwarding messages, in the body appears the text <a href="... if it originally had a something that jwma interpreted as a link.

    3) Sometimes, error messages remain although changing the page (generally two pages from the original error)

    4) It is not in the documentation the way I can start using a database for storing contacts and preferences instead of XML files. (The system trys to connect at starting?)

    5) It would be very usefull to have an option in the system properties that when selected, folders and mailboxes are integrated as a single object (like hotmail/yahoo) where the users see only folders and messages. I didnt think exactly the way it could be done but im sure there is a way. It would be much more simple to users that are not use to manage folders, mailboxes and messages. I want to implement it in out organization but I cant get my boss agree with this diference between foder and mailbox, so I will apreciate if someone can give me a temporary solution.

    I hope this contribute with the proyect.


    • Dieter Wimberger

      Here some comments about your suggestions:

      1) There are two concepts regarding new messages. One is based on the NEW flag, which is often reset in the moment the message is listed (not even retrieved completely). The other is based on the READ flag (where new is equal to unread messages).
      jwma has been giving the count based on the NEW flag so far, but with the latest changes we have switched to the READ flag (representing the new as unread messages).

      I think that this change should "fix" the problem you describe.

      2) This is something I have to investigate, because it sounds like a bug.

      3) I guess it will be necessary to reset the error message by hand in the JSP. Probably this has been missed out.

      4) Well there is information about it in the documentation, but obviously it is not explicit enough. I will see about adding more documentation related to exactly this point.

      What you have to do is to replace the plugin class name in the jwma.properties file (0.9.7, but not HEAD on CVS).


      You need to have the database setup (in db there are the scripts) and the right driver selected in the database.xml configuration file.
      PostgreSQL is more tested then MySQL (which has been added recently).
      The system will try to connect on startup, you will see this in your log (DEBUG level only).

      5) Folders and Messages can only be integrated if you are using an IMAP server that supports it (this is what we call "mixed" mode). jwma does support this mixed mode and will display messages and subfolders at the same time.
      I.e. I think nothing has to be changed in jwma, rather you will have to select the right IMAP server (and tell jwma that the store type is "mixed").
      This means that you cannot use UW imapd (which only supports "plain" mode).

      You are welcome to contribute to the project. We have recently adopted jakarta project guidelines (see http://jwma.sourceforge.net/development/guidelines.html\), and we are advancing a lot lately (be sure to take a look at the development mailing list archive, and to subscribe to this list).
      The upcoming release will include some new features and we have got a proposal to migrate to the Jakarta Struts framework in the near future.

      Hope that helps.



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