OpenPGP support?

  • ingo

    ingo - 2001-08-05

    Is there interest in adding OpenPGP support to JWMA?
    E.g., digital sign/verify e-mail and en-/decrypt it.

    FYI, there is a project developing OpenPGP support in Java (see\) and we are more focused on a 'normal' GUI. However, the library is heavily worked on and we would be happy to adapt it to JWMA's needs so that you can have OpenPGP integration.

    Let me know what you think!

    • August Detlefsen

      PGP support would be very cool. I was thinking of this myself. Security is one of the main reasons I have for installing webmail: Right now, my people are sending data through Yahoo and Hotmail accounts when they are on the road. Ew.


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