Mail content in the bottom pane.

  • RohitKoundinya

    RohitKoundinya - 2006-05-25


    I have several questions in JWMA.please clarify those questions.

    1 ] how to get the mail content in the bottom pane which is like MS outlook Exchange? when i open the webmail -inbox it should be automatically select the first mail in the mail box and the should be displayed in the bottom pane. If the user wants to see the full message then he has to click with seperate link then it should go to the seperate page.

    2 ] How to configure the Printer for the webmail which should print the content in the bottom pane with the "From", "To","Subject","Attachment".

    Thanks in advance.

    • Leonard Sitongia

      Thank you for trying Jwma!

      Yes, that is how Jwma works.  It is an open project, so you are welcome to modify the look of the application so that it has multiple panes.

      You could modify printmessage.jsp to have the layout that you would like.  For example, to print the "From", it uses:

          <td  align=left valign=top width="20%" bgcolor="#dddddd">
            <b><bean:message key="message.from"/>:</b>
          <td  align=left valign=top width="80%" bgcolor="#eeeeee">
            <jwmabean:message name="<%= CoreGlobals.MESSAGE_BEAN %>" scope ="session" property="from"/>

      You could change this so that the parts you want are on the bottom of the page.


      • RohitKoundinya

        RohitKoundinya - 2006-05-26

        Thanks Leonard.

        which pages should i change for displaying the content in the bottom pane. i am trying with Frames (HTML).But i am uanble to get it.Is that bottom pane is a seperate page or should i modify folder.jsp page for displaying at the bottom i.e message.jsp.
        The user is asking the Hotmail look and feel.
        Any thing else for modifications.....


        • Leonard Sitongia


          Are you using the latest code from CVS or the 0.9.8 release?  We recommend CVS.  It is stable code and uses Struts.  The view is in

          The author of Jwma (Dieter) started working on a CSS-driven view for the application, but we haven't had time to take it very far.  We recognize that it would be nice if Jwma had a different look.


    • Leonard Sitongia

      The view of the list of messages in the mailbox is folder.jsp.  You can see the trash can near the bottom, for example.  In the JSP you can see the corresponding includes for trash can and footer.


    • RohitKoundinya

      RohitKoundinya - 2006-05-29

      Thanks Leonard,

      I am using JWMA 0.9.8 Version only. it is very difficult to change from that to Struts version.
      please suggest me in the 0.9.8 version.

      our webmail should be worked as the newly released MS hotmail beta version. The user is asking that look and feel and the functionality should be the same. This is very urgent. please help me out.

      Thanks in advance,

      • Leonard Sitongia


        I'm afraid I'm not going to be of much help.  I don't want to recommend changes to the 0.9.8 code base.  But, I also do not have time right now to spend on the details of changing the look and feel.  That is a big project.

        I think Dieter has done a good job of separating model and view in the 0.9.8 release.  I think your focus would be on the controller parts in src/dtw/webmail and the view in views/basic.



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