RAMKI - 2006-06-12

Hi Dieter,

A very good morning,
As I have asked you in my previous question about creating own field variable like LOGIN_VIEW1, I've successfully added a field with name LOGIN_VIEW1. I had to add this variable in JwmaKernel.java(dtw.webmail.JwmaKernel) and I've added getters and setters in JwmaSettings.java(dtw.webmail.util.JwmaSettings).
I'd to add view.login1 in views.properties in different locations(these are application specific I guess)

I was surprised to see that it has worked out well!! Ya and thats the good thing about open source,rightly said by you.

This way we can have two(or more) login pages to access one common Inbox with different domains.
But doing this way has its pros and cons anyway.
Need to be carefull with error fields.

Thanks and regards