Misng setSentMailFolder method:CRITICAL ISSUE


    RAMKI - 2007-03-07

    I see this in jwma.log file. After
    this line
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,690 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.model.JwmaStoreImpl - Prepare set root folder to:INBOX
    there should be

    2007-03-06 23:58:37,690 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.model.JwmaStoreImpl - setSentMailFolder(): Set sent-mail folder=INBOX.Sent

    on a successful login. but i am seeing the following content. Setting Sent folder is missing. and I am redirected to login page again. what could go wrong. The webmail is working fine for other users. I am getting this error only for a particular user.

    I have checked other files like courierimapsubscribed and courierimapuidb ...they are looking fine.


    2007-03-06 23:58:20,981 [Thread-37] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaKernel - getViewUrl():view.logout:true
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,671 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaController - doLogin() called
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,672 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaController - PostOffice set to: Default PostOffice
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,672 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaController - identity=user@mymail.com@IP:prefsExist=true
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,672 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - authenticate()
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,672 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - initMailSession()
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,672 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - Prepared Authenticator
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,674 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - Retrieved Session instance.
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,674 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - Retrieved store instance
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,684 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - connected to store
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,685 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - Prepared authenticated transport.
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,685 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - Created JwmaTransport wrapper instance.
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,685 [Thread-21] INFO  dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - user@mymail.com@IP SUCCESSFUL LOGIN FROM [ip]
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,685 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - Added store connection listener.
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,685 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - newAccount=false
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,689 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - loaded prefs.
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,689 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - Stored prefs bean
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,689 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.JwmaSession - Stored locale bean
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,689 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.model.JwmaStoreImpl - prepare()
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,690 [Thread-21] DEBUG dtw.webmail.model.JwmaStoreImpl - Prepare set root folder to:INBOX
    2007-03-06 23:58:37,798 [Thread-21] ERROR dtw.webmail.JwmaController - Error occurred processing user request:Failed to create message info wrapper instance.
    dtw.webmail.model.JwmaException: jwma.messageinfo.failedcreation
            at dtw.webmail.model.JwmaMessageInfoImpl.createJwmaMessageInfoImpl(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.model.JwmaMessageInfoListImpl.buildMessageInfoList(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.model.JwmaMessageInfoListImpl.createJwmaMessageInfoListImpl(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.model.JwmaMessageInfoListImpl.createJwmaMessageInfoListImpl(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.model.JwmaFolderImpl.prepare(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.model.JwmaFolderImpl.createJwmaFolderImpl(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.model.JwmaStoreImpl.getJwmaFolder(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.model.JwmaStoreImpl.prepare(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.model.JwmaStoreImpl.createJwmaStoreImpl(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.JwmaSession.authenticate(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.JwmaController.doLogin(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.JwmaController.doDispatchSessionActions(Unknown Source)
            at dtw.webmail.JwmaController.service(Unknown Source)
            at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:853)
            at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter(ApplicationFilterChain.java:247)
            at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter(ApplicationFilterChain.java:193)
            at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve.invoke(StandardWrapperValve.java:260)
            at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardPipeline$StandardPipelineValveContext.invokeNext(StandardPipeline.java:643)
            at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardPipeline.invoke(StandardPipeline.java:480)
            at org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.invoke(ContainerBase.java:995)
            at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContextValve.invoke(StandardContextValve.java:191)
            at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardPipeline$StandardPipelineValveContext.invokeNext(StandardPipeline.java:643)

    • Leonard Sitongia


      Take a look at the user preferences for that particular users.  It is the XML file containing the preferences that are set in the Settings page for the user. It is probably under the "data" directory in the WEB-INF of the Jwma web application.

      I've seen that file sometimes get truncated.  Or, the "clean" setting in it is wrong.

      Try removing it and having the user login to create a new one.


    • RAMKI

      RAMKI - 2007-03-08


      Frankly, I posted this issue on this forum expecting no replies at all... (as it happened for my previous questions...). Let me thank you whole heartedly, for you have taken amount of time for this.

      Well I have checked "data" directory, and I have modified in msgrprocessor element. But nothing happened. I have even deleted the preferences file (.xml) for this user, still no luck.

      There was an unsolicited mail that was creating trouble to the user in logging in. There were few similar mails, for other users to in the past. But this time I could not trace that mail easily.

      I had to inject(qmail-inject) each mail, one-by-one, to my id and i had to log off and log into my account to see which mail is actually causing the disaster. (appreciate myself for patience :-) )

      I know this is not the best way to administer an account but i had no other choice.

      Could you please suggest any alternative if this kind of thing repeat again for any other user.

      I even had a badmailfrom file where I have around hundred names of domain names listed.


      • Leonard Sitongia

        Hi Ramki,

        It's hard to do detailed troubleshooting regarding the requests for help that you've sent in because you are running an older release of Jwma.

        Sorry, but I don't have a suggestion for an alternative way to identify a bad message.

    • RAMKI

      RAMKI - 2007-03-09

      ".. you are running an older release of Jwma. "

      Could you let me know where can I find the instructions to upgrade my existing Jwma with the newer version? What are the areas that are going to have impact if I go for a new version?

      Thanks again.

      • Leonard Sitongia


        The latest release is in CVS.  See the link at the top of the page in the project at Sourceforge, under the "Code" tab.  The software changed substantially.  I think the XML configuration files will be compatible.  I'm not sure how much the user interface changed, maybe not much.  There are some nice new features, such as paging through mailboxes with a lot of messages in them.



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