Finding the quota occupied by a user?


    RAMKI - 2006-10-19

    Using jwma api can is it possible to find whether the user has reached/about to reach his limit.
    If the user quota limit is 5mb. I would like to warn user when his Inbox size is 4MB.
    I want to place a message to user saying "you are reaching the quota limit. please delete unwanted mails".

    I have looked into but didnt get any clue.

    Please suggest.
    Thanks so much.

    • Leonard Sitongia

      Hi Ramki,

      Sorry, I'm not sufficiently familiar with the IMAP protocol to know if it supports quotas or the size of the inbox can be determined.  I wonder if there is an error message returned via IMAP when a system error occurs such as insufficient disk space to store a message.  Aside from that, I am not convinced that it is the role of webmail to tell a user when their server resource is limited.  I've seen approaches in which the system administrator addresses this directly on their system, perhaps with some kind of warning or direct action.



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