build system in CVS?

  • Christian Sell

    Christian Sell - 2001-03-29


    I just had a look at the CVS sources, but could not find any build system? Did I overlook anything?


    • Dieter Wimberger

      You can get ant from
      and the build file is on the anonymous ftp still.


      • Christian Sell

        Christian Sell - 2001-03-30


        Ant is not the issue, I already have a few copies on my computer. I expected to see build support files (build.xml or other) in the CVS.
        Where is that anonymous ftp stuff you mention? I cannot find any links to it on this site. Is the CVS stuff even buildable?

        BTW, the images in the docs/images directory seem to be broken.

        regards, Christian

        • Dieter Wimberger

          The build.xml file is available via anonymous ftp. You can find that one directly on the summary page (yes scroll down a bit, it is the last box ;).

          jwma is completely buildable from the CVS. The only problem was that I checked in src, views and etc seperately as modules, instead of checking in the complete directory. Sorry...maybe this can be fixed somewhen.

          I will also check about the broken images.


    • Dieter Wimberger

      The build system has been integrated into the repository now. Ant is included, and can be called passing arguments using the scripts (on Unix/Linux) and build.bat (on Windows).

      There are two issues left:
      1. the jsdk.jar is not included in the distribution, thus it needs to be in the classpath of the calling JVM.

      2. the compiler is set to modern by default, that is ok, yet, jikes is by far much faster :)



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