I am developing your app further..

Florian R.
  • Florian R.

    Florian R. - 2005-02-22

    Hi again,
    perhaps it is a good idea to join the work we are doing.
    I'll have to generalize your app for a small corporate. So i fixed mostly the VIEW now.

    What i have done is to seperate Design from logic via stylesheets and templates.

    So now, i've got templates for the menu, the javascripts, the Java-header, html-header, html-footer and a stylesheet for the whole app.

    For this i had to do very huge changes in the sources, as you guess.

    And now i am at the point where i found a big bug in your app:

    You didn't seperate the VIEW from the CONTROL correctly.

    All the getXxxxxxxSelect()-method's generate HTML, NOT content. So i've got the problem, that i can't access the whole view to generalize it with stylesheets.

    What to do now? As you can see, i am too far, to jump to your devel-version in Struts. But on the other hand, i'll just have to change the java-control, to help me out.

    Because of that, i had a deeper look into the sources and saw, that you didn't really follow exact the MVC-paradigma, what makes difficulties now to integrate webmail, like i decided to do.

    So how can we finish this? Are you interested in getting my work into your project? Then we would have to find a basic way of development side-by-side. How different is your struts-devel by now? Are the method-calls the same? So can i deploy the old view in the new struts-based-app?

    If not, i will try out then to redevelop the source partly, to satisfy our needs. Do you want then to help me a little to create a working eclipse-project?

    Greets, Qeldroma
    Please contact me further under rustedt@smartnet.de

    • Pavel Denissov

      Pavel Denissov - 2005-03-22


      I'm in the process of adopting this application to my needs, and one of the reasons I chose it above others was the MVC-design, so I'm a bit sad to see that it doesn't really follow it. I'm intrested though in your code and helping out to fix the MVC-problem. I've sent you an email.

      • Dieter Wimberger


        I have been out of town for some days, so I did not read this until now.

        It's not quite true that there is a MVC "Problem". At the time jwma was designed, this was probably the best we could do.
        It's pretty difficult to really decouple the View totally, but well.

        Now. The good news is that we have ported to Struts, and we have done a lot of work to clean up the problems we stumbled into with the last release version.

        I would suggest you to check out the module "jwma-scratch" and give it a try. At the moment we are working on a complete overhaul of the view (XHTML and CSS), but if we get that one going, we will very likely make a release.


        • Pavel Denissov

          Pavel Denissov - 2005-03-25

          Actually I haven't been digging in the code that much, so I assumed that the previous poster knew what he was talking about. I am allready working with the latest struts-code and I must admit it looks fine so far =)


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