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  • real_stuff

    real_stuff - 2005-11-06

    Can anyone tell me how to download the latest version of jwma from CVS?????
    what does this mean
    cvs login 
    and wher to put this command?

    • Dieter Wimberger


      I would suggest that you visit the really well done SF CVS documentation:

      They have a description and links to manuals on how to use CVS.

      The version on CVS you should be interested in is in the "jwma-scratch" module. The HEAD of that module is jwma ported to Struts!!!

      If you don't manage to handle CVS (it's not that difficult actually), you can write me an I try to send you a copy of my Struts based working copy by mail (or I drop it somewhere where you can download it).

      Best Regards,

    • real_stuff

      real_stuff - 2005-11-07

      Great to see some reply real soon.

      But sorry Deiter with all my efforts I tried to connect my CVS client but it always asks for password..
      even hitting enter doesnt works for me, I must be doing something wrong.

      It would be great if you could send me a copy of latest version at

      as early as possible. I am in real need for it as I am developing a mail system for my major project......
      So it would be worth working on a already runing system.

    • R. V. R. K.

      R. V. R. K. - 2007-02-13

      I want to download the latest version of struts based JWMA. But I am unable to find the link from where to download this struts version of JWMA. 

      Can anybody provide me the link to download this latest Struts version. 


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