pop3 support

  • Christian Sell

    Christian Sell - 2000-11-26

    as far as I gather from the docs, pop3 is not supported. Is that going to change? How much effort would that be?

    • Dieter Wimberger

      Well basically the reason for "missing" POP3 support is that it only supports the INBOX.
      The POP3 client actually takes over the job of
      storing any created folders and maiboxes with moved mail.
      In the case of a webmail, this would have to be on server-side anyway, so you would be implementing something that you can get for free without any efforts using IMAP.

      I hope that answers your question :)


      • Christian Sell

        Christian Sell - 2000-11-27

        well, you're right of course. At this point, I still have my email account with an external provider, who does not offer a webmail service (you wont believe it, but its true).
        Maybe I should either switch providers or become my own provider by installing an IMAP server.

        • Dieter Wimberger

          Well if you want to run jwma, you need
          to have a webserver with a servlet container and
          some template service support.
          This means you have to have some kind of a server.
          The best solution for your problem would be
          to use one of those collector/connector utilities
          to retrieve mail from your POP3 account(s) (fetchmail,
          just to give an example) and forward it to your systems delivery system.
          Then you run an imapd on your server, giving you full access with all capabilities, without changing providers.

    • R. V. R. K.

      R. V. R. K. - 2007-02-06

      I am also facing the same problem.
      I am having POP3 Server and JWMA supports IMAP server. But I am not getting the solution what you have mentioned above.
      Please describe step by step how this will work for POP3 Server.

      • Leonard Sitongia

        Do you have a server now running Jwma and also running an IMAP server?  The idea is to have your mail server, that provides POP access, automatically forward mail to your mail server running IMAP.  Is your POP server running on an ISP that you don't have control over?  If so, then perhaps your ISP would configure your account to automatically forward your mail to your IMAP server.

    • R. V. R. K.

      R. V. R. K. - 2007-02-07

      Our company is having only POP3 server. We are not having IMAP Server. Now in this case I am trying to configure JWMA, than please help me out the procedure.
        We are having only POP3 server and no IMAP server.

        Help me out in details.

      • Leonard Sitongia

        I'm sorry, but Jwma does not support POP mail servers.


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