#7 Add an option to toggle the bar.


Rather than (or in addition to) having the bar always on hide until you hover the mouse over it, it would be nice to have way to toggle the bar on and off as needed. Maybe a keystroke shortcut would be best. It's useful on smaller screens where space is at a premium. Thanks for this great little wm.


  • John Doe

    John Doe - 2012-08-05

    I find that "useful on smaller screens" argument a bit weird. In JWM's default configuration, an auto-hidden horizontal tray uses 1 (one) pixel of the screen-height. If you have a stone-age monitor or a netbook with a vertical resolution of 480 pixels, then the possible screen-space savings amount to 1 pixel / 480 pixel = 0.0021 = 0.21%, which is one fifth of one percent. That seems hardly worth the programming effort.

    That said, your suggestion does have its merits in terms of better keyboard control of the tray. As it happens, it is already (partly) implemented, at least in the current development version (svn 579). You can define a shortcut key that triggers the "showtray" action. Example:

    <Key mask="A" key="b">showtray</Key>

    brings up the auto-hidden tray when pressing Alt-b.

    The feature is not fully usable yet: the tray hides itself again when releasing the keys (unless the mouse pointer happens to be over it by chance), and while it is up and the keys are pressed, it flickers like crazy. So there is room for improvement. But still, if you only want to do something quick and simple (like checking the tray clock), then it can be useful.

  • stlarch

    stlarch - 2012-08-08

    I tried what you suggested and it works for the stable version too, so I'll just use that for now. Thank you.


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