invalid tags?

  • Argolance

    Argolance - 2011-10-06

    Thank you for this excellent window manager I am using/recommending for a long time! (Puppy/Toutou LINUX).
    My question:
    With xcompmgr  I noticed that <opacity> tag seems to be… invalid now! Are these tags really deprecated?

    JWM: warning: /root/.jwm/jwmrc-theme: invalid tag in WindowStyle: Opacity
    JWM: warning: invalid tray opacity: 0.85
    JWM: warning: invalid menu opacity: 0.85

    Could you tell me what's going wrong?


  • Joe Wingbermuehle

    Sorry, there is a mistake in the documentation.  Opacity should go in the Active or Inactive sections under WindowStyle.

  • Argolance

    Argolance - 2011-10-24

    Hello joewing,
    Thank you a lot for replying!
    If I well understand (?) this should be:


    <Font>DejaVu Sans-12</Font>















    But I get this:

    JWM: warning: invalid active client opacity: 0.8

    And what about tray and menu style transparency?
    Could you please give me an example of the way to set this right ?


  • zk1234

    zk1234 - 2011-10-30


    I am also a big fun of JWM :-) I use it for my 4MLinux.

    My problem:
    I spent a lot of time trying to enable transparency in aterm under JWM . It works great with JWM 2.0.1, but it fails under JWM 2.1.0.  Considering the above argolance's remarks, there may be a bigger problem with opacity/transparency in the newest JWM version.


  • Argolance

    Argolance - 2011-10-30

    I confirm…
    I tested the latest JWM 5.43. This time there is indeed a big problem with opacity/transparency. Neither shadows of windows and trays icons, nor the opacity tags for WINDOW, MENU and TRAY styles, nor xbm pictures that could previously be loaded in /root to override windows default buttons are working. Don't know what's happening…

    I notice the translation pot file: great! Let me please do the French mo file!

    Good luck Joewing for this work that actually seems to be  somewhat complex and difficult!

  • Argolance

    Argolance - 2011-12-08

    Solved a part of encountered issues: Found that the problem seems to be due to decimal "point" which can be a point or a comma, following the current locale configuration. In my case, with the newest JWM, I get menu and taskbar transparency when replacing point with comma in the jwm-themes.
    Hope this can help.



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