#16 hidden window focus bug.


if application "unmap" window, but not destroy. WalkWindowStack still try focus the hidden window and alt-tab switching act strangely and miss some other windows.
this bug triggered by retrovol (tray icon gtk2 alsa mixer program).
(i use archlinux)

if retrovol's "Full Window" (in tray menu) window open and than closed, retrovol not destroy this window but only hide(unmap). after this bug start.


  • max compress

    max compress - 2012-01-04

    jwm versions: 562-569

  • Joe Wingbermuehle

    This should be at least partially fixed as of revision 570 (322).
    Please let me know if you still have problems.

  • max compress

    max compress - 2012-01-06

    with jwm-570, bug still persist. alt-tab still trying switch retrovol's hidden window.
    i add this line in WalkWindowStack function (clientlist.c line 127):
    fprintf(stderr,"FX:WalkWindowStack:(FocusClient) %s\n",np->instanceName);
    because of this, i'm sure this invisible window is retrovol's hidden mixer window.

  • Joe Wingbermuehle

    I think this should be fixed as of revision 571 (323).

  • max compress

    max compress - 2012-01-12

    test with 572, alt-tab switching hidden window bug is fixed. but :)
    a little detail: if window closed with alt-f4 and application hide(unmap) window (not destroy), none of any windows can get focus, and shortcut keys not work, keyboard locked totally. with mouse, can focus easily, but if mouse not connected to computer, this issue can turn into a serious problem.

  • Joe Wingbermuehle

    I think that issue should be fixed in revision 573.

  • max compress

    max compress - 2012-01-14

    fixed in jwm-573. hidden windows now works very nicely. thanks.

  • max compress

    max compress - 2012-01-14
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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