#10 composing messages are not sent or received


I'm jwgc-beta4 on FreeBSD. I find that jwgc does not seem to
properly receive "composing" messages from other Jabber clients,
nor does it seem to send them when I use jwrite.

I tried editing my jwgc.desc to add a print statement to the $event
== "composing" && $body == "" test, but this appears never to be
triggered, even if I remove the $body == "" above it. I verified
with tcpdump that the composing messages are being received
(using Fire as the client on the other end), but jwgc doesn't seem
to actually do anything with them.

I also expected jwrite to send a composing message when not
using the -n option, but it did not. It should do this when you start
to write a message. The Zephyr zwrite command does something
similar (sends a PING opcode), and both allows other users to
know you're about to send them a message (something Jabber has
built-in), but also allows zwrite to fail immediately if the user is
not logged in. With the current jwrite behavior, you won't know
until after you've sent the message, which can be annoying.

I think jwrite should send each recipient a composing event when
you first start to type, unless the -n option is passed. This would
match the behavior of zwrite, and what I think most people would


  • Daniel Henninger

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    This is a feature I planned to work in as soon as possible. -n is actually
    used for a different purpose in jwrite. Specifically, it's used to say "i
    want to send to this jid, period, don't try to match it to anything in my
    contact list". Anyway, Thanks for the bug report and I'll try to get this
    worked in in the near future!

  • Daniel Henninger

    • labels: --> 516521
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jadestorm
    • priority: 5 --> 6
    • milestone: --> 344285
  • Daniel Henninger

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    since it's not really a bug, moving to feature requests

    on a side note, I have rudimentary support for this now
    trying to track down a crash bug of sorts that's raises it's ugly head

  • Daniel Henninger

    • milestone: 344285 -->
    • labels: 516521 -->
    • assigned_to: jadestorm --> nobody
  • Daniel Henninger

    • labels: --> Communication with Jabber
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jadestorm
    • milestone: --> Functionality
  • Daniel Henninger

    • status: open --> closed
  • Daniel Henninger

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    This is working in the latest CVS. I'm going to release a beta5 soon with
    the current state of jwgc.


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