#3 Documentation much needed



This webmailsystem really looks like a very cool tool. Too bad the documentation is either very well hidden or not there.

It's stated on the website that you can use various mail transports via JAVA Mail plugins. I hoped I could use the UNIX authenticator together with an mbox transport to have a webbased view on my mailfolders on my local system. But I didn't even get close to trying since the most basic documentation seems to be missing.

That is e.g. The User for admin.jsp is Administrator and it seems this can't be changed. Is this some user that has to be in tomcat-users or can it only be authenticated via IMAP/POP/UNIX etc.? I tried tomcat-users and UNIX Authentication since I don't have IMAP running but both didn't seem to work.

I searched the home page and the sourceforge project site for any documentation but all I get is little more than throw the war archive in your tomcat webapps folder. Well, I figured that ;)

Hopefully all that ranting was unnecessary because I'm just too dumb to look at the right place. If so, I'd be thankful for a link pointing me in the right direction. If not, maybe you could provide some help explaining what is where and how to get started.




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