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#253 Listings: RET opcode within PROC/ENDP not shown


Within a PROC/ENDP block, the RET opcode byte (C3h) is not shown in the listing unless RETN is used. A good example of this is your DEBUG.ASM


  • japheth

    japheth - 2013-03-21

    IIRC there was already a topic about this issue.

    Best "fix" is to use -Sg to show what code RET actually generated.

    Speaking more generally, I'd say that the current listing status has room for improvements, but for v2.10 there are no plans to work on this area.

  • dosfan01

    dosfan01 - 2013-05-13

    Apparently this is only an issue when PROC is used without any parameters for simple delineation (DEBUG.ASM does this), overall JWasm is doing what is expected by not listing the generated code unless -Sg is in effect. While MASM does handle the case of RET in a procedure without parameters or an epilogue macro in effect by always listing the sole C3h opcode this seems to be more of a minor enhancement than a bug so you can add this to the existing listing feature request ticket and close this bug.

    Also another "fix" is to use option epilogue:none

  • dosfan01

    dosfan01 - 2013-05-13

    Merge with Feature Requests ticket #45 "Listing requests"

    Last edit: dosfan01 2013-05-13

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