JVoiceXML Release 0.7.2.GA

Hi all,

JVoiceXML http://jvoicexml.sourceforge.net is a free VoiceXML interpreter
for JAVA with an open architecture for custom extensions. Demo
implementation platforms are supporting JAVA APIs such as JSAPI and JTAPI.

VoiceXML is an implementation of VoiceXML 2.1, the Voice Extensible Markup
Language, specified at http://www.w3.org/TR/2005/CR-voicexml21-20050613/
as an extension to VoiceXML 2.0, specified at http://www.w3.org/TR/
VoiceXML is designed for creating audio dialogs that feature synthesized
speech, digitized audio, recognition of spoken and DTMF key input,
recording of spoken input, telephony, and mixed initiative conversations.
Major goal is to have a platform independent implementation that can be
used for free.

Today, I released JVoiceXML 0.7.2.GA. It can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/jvoicexml/files/

Changes to JVoiceXML include
- bugfix: an connection.disconnect.hangup is thrown if an attempt was made to
obtain another resource after the caller hung up
- bugfix: corrected return of telephony and user input to the resource pools
if the resources are busy
- refactoring: modal is an attribute of all form items not only for fields

- Throwing an error.semantic if no grammars are active when an input is
- Initial form items implement PromptCountable and EventCountable so that
prompts of the initial form items are queued.
- bugfix: event strategies of input items are removed after the event was
- initial support for
- initial
- more support for
- field
- Initial support of the slot attribute
- bugfix: type specified builtin grammars have a version and a type
- object
- bugfix: reusing the dynamically created class loader to enable the
use of static attributes in the called objects.
- record
- Initial support of the modal attribute
- transfer
- Initial support of the modal attribute

- refactoring: introduced base classes for ident grammar transformers and for
XSL based grammar transformers</li>
- basic implementation of a SRGS ABNF to SRGS ABNF grammar transformer
- basic implementation of a SRGS XML to SRGS ABNF grammar transformer

jsapi 1.0 implementation platform
- refactoring: SRGS to JSGF conversion is based on an XSL transformation
- bugfix: introduced a workaround to dynamically load grammars into sphinx4
- introduced a first basic grammar for JVoiceXML
- enhanced SSML support
- an error is thrown if the requested voice is not supported

mrcpv2 implementation platform
- bugfix: is loaded without trapping into an error

- bugfix: Using a BufferedInputStream to retrieve the audio since the
HTTP scheme strategy returns an input stream that does not support marks.

- Added more convenience methods for an easier handling

- Demos are using the jsapi10 implementation platform explicitly
- Corrected description of the hello world servlet demo and added a target
to check the servlet container settings
- Bugfix: Corrected classpath in the voicexml creation demo ant build file.
- Extended the object tag demo to use a static field.


Posted by Dirk Schnelle-Walka 2009-10-26

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