0.2 Status

I will be doing a 0.2 release (buildable source) shortly, hopefully some time this month if there's a new GHC by then. There's actually not that much work left to do, but my available time may be reduced as I hope to be starting a paying job shortly.

0.2 separates the 'Native' and 'Haskell' portions as two separate AutoTools projects. Here's the change list for the native project:

* MacOS X support

* MinGW32/Cygwin/Windows support

* Support for wider range of Java VMs, smarter about finding them

* Now installs in /usr/lib/jvm-bridge/

* ExecuteFunction bindings now done at run-time

...and the Haskell project:

* New array region access functions missing in 0.1

* Correct array types in autogenerated class interfaces

* Subtype parameters in autogenerated class interfaces

* VMLayer 'env' parameter now implicit

* Various changes in the BasicLayer

* new native StartExecuteFunction function called by getExecuteFunctionClass, defineCallback Class

Currently it works well on Linux. If you're running Linux, grabbing from CVS and building will probably work. If it doesn't (because I'm fiddling with the make-files), let me know and I'll tag a stable snapshot.

On MacOS X it's blocked by a bug in the current version (5.04.2) of GHC (createAdjustor failing to preserve GPR13). This causes some Java callbacks to Haskell to fail -- the ShowFrame example exhibits this. The GHC folks have fixed it in their CVS and it should be fixed in the next release of GHC.

On Windows I'm working to get it to build a bit more seamlessly and "out of the box". It's path and library issues, makefile and configure stuff. The code itself is quite stable.

Posted by Ashley Yakeley 2003-03-03

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