#85 'relativenumber' from Vim 7.3


I've just discovered Vim's recently-added 'relativenumber' option, which has been doing wonders for me when editing text in MacVim and in gVim.

Much to my dismay, it doesn't seem to be available in jVi. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could implement it because it'd definitely save me some time doing homework for my Java class. Thanks in advanced!


  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2011-10-04

    The line number feature you see in jVi is implemented by NetBeans.
    You could file a feature request against NetBeans. If it is part of NB, then jVi would support using it through options and :set command.


  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2011-10-04
    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • - 2011-10-05

    I suppose the reason for your inability to add this feature on your own is a technical one, but wouldn't this be a hard sell for the NetBeans developers? I can't think of any use for it outside of facilitating keyboard navigation with this plugin.

  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2011-10-05

    My disinterest in adding this feature is a question of time/effort verses the expected return. I haven't studied the problem, so I only have a vague idea of the effort. I suspect much of the work would be understanding the NetBeans code that provides the line numbers.

    If you'd like to undertake the development, I'd be happy to provide what support I can.

  • - 2011-10-09

    Not sure if I can do that at the moment due to school, but I appreciate the offer. Keep up the great work on this plugin.


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