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#48 Please implement softtabstop

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I use expandtab to have spaces instead of tab characters, however, jVi does not have softtabstop, so I have to individually backspace over every space character when I want to dedent. In vim, with softtabstop, pressing backspace will delete spaces up to the previous tab stop. Please implement this standard Vim feature.


  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2009-06-13

    Your previous posting slipped in under the radar, I apologize for missing it. I will take a look at the softtabstop feature and see what it might take to implement it.

  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2009-06-14

    Its implemented in the checked in CVS source. Would you give it a try?

  • Chris Lasher

    Chris Lasher - 2009-06-16

    Sorry, do you have a link to directions on fetching the appropriate sources from the CVS repo and building the plugin?

  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2009-06-28
    • status: open --> closed
  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2009-06-28

    Available in nbvi-1.2.6.beta1

  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2009-06-28
    • status: closed --> closed-fixed

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