Using z[jk]?

  • David Wolever

    David Wolever - 2009-03-07

    I'm used to using z[jk] to move around folds in Vim... Is there any chance this could be implemented? Or is there some equivalent in jVi?


    • David Wolever

      David Wolever - 2009-03-07

      Err, sorry that this is posted in the wrong place... I guess I haven't quite gotten the hang of this monstrosity that SourceForge is trying to pass off as a "forum".

      • Ernie Rael

        Ernie Rael - 2009-03-07

        The jVi help forum might be a better starting spot.

        In any event, you are welcome to file a feature request at

        The folding stuff is NB. It was a fair amount of work to get the regular vi motion commands, like 'j' and 'k' to step over folds without opening them. I mapped a few vim commands to some NB commands (as I recall it was a rather poor mapping) for opening and closing folds.

        If commands such as you are looking for exist in NB then it might be easy. Otherwise I guess it requires working with the data structures that describe the folds, if they are even available. If you know or discover anything about the folds and NB fold architecture, that would be useful info.

        • David Wolever

          David Wolever - 2009-03-07

          wow, thanks for the quick response.

          I'll look over the bug tracker (which, in retrospect, would have been a better place to start...) and post.  Thanks!


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