Runtime form designer added to the JVCL

Hi all

As indicated in an thread on our newsgroups, a runtime designer has been added to the JVCL.
As a result, the JvInspector package(s) have been deleted and the JvInspector components have been moved to the new JvRuntimeDesign package. So if you are using the JvInspector component, you must take this into account when updating.
To get the latest version with the new runtime designer, you must update from CVS or the daily zip.
The best way to get the new package installed is to do a Uninstall/Install cycle using the installer, not forgetting to select the new JvRuntimeDesign package.
If you simply "update" the JVCL via the installer (compile already installed...), only the new runtime package will be compiled (this is a new behaviour of the installer), but it will not be installed.
If you do not uninstall before installing, You should not forget to remove JvInspector???.bpl from your bpl directory, and remove any mention of the two files in the registry under the appropriate keys for your environment.
If you don't do this, you may receive a message warning you about a unit being used in two packages, asking you if you want to use JvRuntimeDesign again the next time. You should say Yes, then close the opened project (File, Close all). Then go to the "Component, Install packages" menu, select the JvInspector package and click "Remove". Click Ok, close your environment. You can now physically remove the JvInspector packages files, your environment should start without any messages, and a new tab called Jv Runtime Design should be there.
Note that this may not happen as the installer seems to remove old jvcl packages if it can't find their sources anymore (this needs to be confirmed).

Olivier Sannier
JVCL Coordinator

Posted by Olivier Sannier 2005-08-21

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