dxPack and dxDotNet added to JVCL

The JVCL team is happy to announce that the Delphi eXperience II and Delphi eXperience DotNet components developed by Marc Hoffman now have been added to the JVCL.

Delphi eXperience II (renamed to Jv XP Controls) is a set of visual components that have a distinct XP/Office XP and include standard controls,
like buttons and checkboxes as well as a very nice XP style navigation bar component.

Delphi eXperience DotNet (renamed to Jv DotNet Controls) is a set of standard controls with a visual look similar to the hot tracking style of the VS.Net components. This package includes standard as well as DB enabled controls.

Marc will probably become a JVCL developer and thus will help with maintaining and continue development on the components.

The libraries have been added as separate packages and a conversion file is provided with the JVCL to make it an easy task for current users to migrate to the JVCL version.

The packages, examples and source should be available through CVS as well as in the daily zips starting on January 4, 2004.

Posted by Peter Törnqvist 2004-01-03

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