How to get JVCL3

Since all development is done in the JVCL3 subfolder, here's instructions on how to get it.

At the moment, the only way to get it is through CVS. For more info on
setting up a cvs client, see To
download JVCL3 using TortoiseCVS, right-click a folder of your choice (the
JVCL3 folder will be created as a subfolder of the selected folder) and
select CVS Checkout. Enter the following into the dialog:

For anonymous access:



When you get a prompt for password, just press ENTER.

For developer access:



Enter your sf password if prompted (you shouldn't have to if you've set up SSH via pageant correctly).

If you are asked if you trust this server, click YES.

Posted by Peter Törnqvist 2003-08-09

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