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Release downgrade - back to stable version

(No frontpage news)

I downgraded the published release of jvanish in the download area to stable version 0.3.29.

The latter release 0.4. is unstable and at the moment the project is not developing due to my limited resources. So I withdrew release 0.4 for now in favor of 0.3.29, which works stable.

Posted by Daniel-Percy Wimpff 2008-03-19

New major features

This release 0.4.1 introduces new major features and concepts to JVanish. The virtual space now has an "in-sight region" and an "outer region". Only objects in sight are rendered. The 3D-viewport can be translated (moved, rotated, scaled) to view a scene from any perpective at any zoom level.
The online demo shows a sensor data tracker for geo-tagged objects (like an air traffic control monitor).
The sensor data can be read from a RSS-feed and will display in a virtual space to be tracked.
(Note that some features of older releases need yet to be reintegrated.)

Posted by Daniel-Percy Wimpff 2007-04-21

Release 0.3.29

Added class MenuToolbar. It gives the user a UI element to switch through animation modes of the active menu. Modes are wheel/shuffle, horizontal/vertical orientation, counter/clockwise rotation.
Also added class VirtualSpace as an initial idea-dump for an in-sight region / outer region universe.

Posted by Daniel-Percy Wimpff 2007-04-10

Initial Sourceforge release

JVanish's directory structure was cleaned for CVS import into Sourceforge.

The initial release jvanish_0.3.28.tgz is available now.


Posted by Daniel-Percy Wimpff 2007-04-07

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