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JuxtaPhoto 1.5 Released

This is the final version of 1.5. It includes a few fixes over RC3.

Posted by Jeff 2007-07-21

JuxtaPhoto 1.5 RC2 Released

Improvements include:

Supported file formats for importing now include TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, and PSD.
RAW files are supported on an experimental basis. Nikon RAW files (NEF) seem to work,
but other formats are having problems. It's a work in progress.
IPTC data is parsed on import and stored in the EXIF array. Certain fields are used
when importing an image for values, e.g. IPTC Caption ends up in the description.
Added the ability to set an image to be the preview for an album.
Added a copyright field to images.
Added the ability to set an image as an album preview.
Added a new setting, "ignoreIPs", in data/config.php where you can enter an array of
IP addresses to ignore from the image viewed counter.
Fixed a Javascript warning in Organize.
Fixed a bug where you couldn't access the image description on an album page
Renamed templates/default/show.tpl to templates/default/detail.tpl to reflect the name
of the page in the URL.
Renamed the default.tpl variable {$album.thumbnail} to {$album.preview}
Created a new theme "blanched" which provides an alternate look to choose from. Change
the templateDir in data/config.php to "blanched" to take a look.

Posted by Jeff 2007-05-22

JuxtaPhoto 1.41 Released

The upgrade is out: http://jeffreyharrell.com/projects/juxtaphoto

It fixes a few bugs that popped up lately. Here's a quick overview:

• Fixed an issue where LIMIT and OFFSET would not work in MySQL 4
• Fixed an issue where next and previous images would skipped if the EXIF timestamp was the same
• Fixed an issue where the tag count would become out of sync with how many images were actually tagged

I also added a description / caption field for each image.

Posted by Jeff 2007-03-18

JuxtaPhoto 1.4 Released

All feature enhancements so it should be a drop in change for upgraders. There were a few things added to the template you might want to check out if you are running something custom.

I was inspired with these last few changes. They have all been released within a short period of each other and with this change out I hope to go back to my prior routine of every month or so.

Posted by Jeff 2007-02-28

JuxtaPhoto 1.3 has been released and it has some nice improv

Two things that have been requested are MySQL and PostgreSQL support and guess what— you got ‘em! There has also been some template improvements, an installer to help with setup, and other miscellaneous changes / bug fixes.

For more information see the JuxtaPhoto page at http://jeffreyharrell.com/projects/juxtaphoto/ .

Posted by Jeff 2007-02-16