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File updates

I've posted the dashboard widget releases, the latest windows client including source code for i386 and amd64, and the Just Journal UNIX client.

The UNIX client supports MidnightBSD, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. It should work with other UNIX like operating systems. If not, please let me know so I can improve the software.

All the source is under the BSD 3 clause license except the Windows client. That is under GPLv2.

Posted by Lucas Holt 2008-07-31

Just Journal 1.0 Alpha 3

After two years, I've finally got the third alpha of Just Journal out. Just Journal started as a closed source blogging service. Since I've released it under the BSD license, I've been working to make it generally usable on other sites. It's not quite 100% ready, but it's getting close.

This version adds many new features like tags, blogger 1.0 api, metaweblog api, pdf and rtf generation of blogs, atom feed support, updates to the RSS code, a picture gallery, and speed improvements.... read more

Posted by Lucas Holt 2008-05-10

Just Journal 1.0 Alpha 2 Server Software Added

A snapshot of Just Journal development has been added. The new release features weblogs.com pinging (preliminary), avatars, and various other features. The code is not production ready, but might be useful to others working on Java based blog software. The server component is released under the BSD v2 license.

Posted by Lucas Holt 2006-08-02

JJ Windows Client 1.41 Released

The new Windows client includes a new toolbar, several bug fixes, and an AMD64 release. It requires the .NET Framework 2.0. Source and Binary versions are available.


Posted by Lucas Holt 2006-03-22

Windows client 1.22 source and binary released

The latest Just Journal client source and binary has been added. New features include iTunes integration, Microsoft Word spell check integration, Microsoft Outlook Journal integration, color backgrounds for posts, and several general UI improvements.


Posted by Lucas Holt 2006-01-10

Windows client released

The Just Journal windows client was released in source and binary form tonight. The client has been in development for several months and proven to be more stable than the actual jj server code.


Posted by Lucas Holt 2005-12-07