#26 Description duplicates when editing in more than 1 photo


in the 1.1.1 - release the photodescription get
duplicated if you modified more than one photo in a
batch so the description stands two times at every
photo you've editing this way.
Actually this bug was badly not repruable but I've got
it more then one time (first time I thougt it would be
a mistake by me).

Wasn't in the release before (aehm, should be 1.0?).

Secondarly sometimes the first tag has an empty space
before them which I don't made?!


  • Stefan Rosskopf

    Stefan Rosskopf - 2006-09-18

    Logged In: YES

    Steps I could reproduce that:
    1. Drag a few photos in juploader 1.1.1 (more than 2)
    2. Select all of them, add them to 2 or more sets.
    3. Edit Description and tags. Close then the requester.
    4. Deselect all photos, then only select 2 of them.
    5. Add some more text to the descriptionfield.
    6. Close the edit-dialoque.
    7. When you open again a photo from step 5 the text from
    step 3 appears two times in this photo. If you edit it
    another time (add some tags etc.) it will be three times and
    so on.

    - juploader 1.1.1 on debian

    - java version "1.4.2-rc1"
    Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build
    Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build Blackdown-1.4.2-rc1, mixed

    -flickr - Mode

  • Steve Cohen

    Steve Cohen - 2006-10-18

    Logged In: YES

    This isn't a bug, I changed the description field to be
    additive when people complained about losing their
    descriptions while in multi-edit mode.

  • Steve Cohen

    Steve Cohen - 2006-10-18
    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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