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JUnit 4.7 is released!

For more information:

Posted by David Saff 2009-08-04

JUnit: 4.6 released

JUnit is a simple framework for writing and running automated tests. As a political gesture, it celebrates programmers testing their own software.

There are a few bug fixes included, and
improvements to the core architecture that allow test reordering and
parallelization for basic JUnit 3 and basic JUnit 4 tests and suites.
For details, please see the release notes.

Release notes: read more

Posted by David Saff 2009-04-29

JUnit 4.5 released

JUnit 4.5 focuses on features that make life easier for JUnit extensions, including new public extension points for inserting behavior into the standard JUnit 4 class runner. For more information, please reference the release notes.

Posted by David Saff 2008-08-08

JUnit 4.4 is now released

JUnit 4.4 includes several major new features designed to even better capture developer intent:

  • New assertion syntax

assertThat(string, containsString("abc"));

  • Explicit support for environment assumptions:

assumeThat(File.separatorChar, is('/'));

  • Theories (globally true statements):

    @Theory public void filenameIncludesUsername(String username) {
    assumeThat(username, not(containsString("/")));
    assertThat(new User(username).configFileName(), containsString(username));
    }... read more

Posted by David Saff 2007-07-18

JUnit 4.3.1 is available

JUnit 4.3.1 is now available for download. This is a bug fix release that fixes two regressions introduced in 4.3. For more details, please see README.html

Posted by David Saff 2007-03-29

JUnit 4.3 is now available

JUnit 4.3 is now available. This is a bug fix and enhancement release, containing improvements to array equality checking, the ability to ignore entire test classes, and better handling of old-style test classes using suite().

Posted by David Saff 2007-03-20

JUnit 4.2 is available

JUnit 4.2 is a bug fix release. It catches malformed test suites better, and has more informative error messages. For more details, please see the release notes.

Posted by David Saff 2006-11-16

JUnit 4.1 now available

4.1 is a bug-fix release. Changes:

  • Bug fix: listeners now get a correct test running time, rather than always being told 0 secs.
  • The @RunWith annotation is now inherited by subclasses: all subclasses of an abstract test class will be run by the same runner.
  • The build script fails if the JUnit unit tests fail
  • The faq has been updated
  • Javadoc has been improved, with more internal links, and package descriptions added (Thanks, Matthias Schmidt!)
  • An acknowledgements.txt file has been created to credit outside contributions
  • The Enclosed runner, which runs all of the static inner classes of a given class, has been added to org.junit.runners.
Posted by David Saff 2006-04-27

JUnit 3.8.2 now available

The changes between 3.8.1 and 3.8.2 are minimal, and the focus was on fixing the accumulated bug reports. The most significant change is replacing the much-reviled string comparison format with something easier to read and use.

For the latest, most extensible and most usable JUnit ever, developers should download and use JUnit 4.0.

Posted by David Saff 2006-03-03

JUnit 4.0 now available

Extend Object
@RunWith your own Runner
Annotate @Tests

JUnit 4
Annotate and extend
Test simply now

Posted by David Saff 2006-02-16

JUnit 3.8.1 now available

A roll-up release for 3.8 with a couple of fixes.

Posted by Erich Gamma 2002-09-04