One good thing would be for you to potentially weigh in on this proposed patch:

That's proposing a single string-based syntax for describing filters to be applied to a test request.  Ideally, your proposal could adapt to this interface, and be released as a library that anyone could pick up and use regardless of whether they're running maven or Eclipse or whatever.

Otherwise, I don't think this list any longer reaches most of the people involved in day-to-day development and maintenance, so you may want to try again on



On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 2:31 PM, Paul Sprague <> wrote:
I've coded a patch to the maven surefire plugin which allows for filtering tests classes based on arbitrary class level annotations when using junit.

The patch is attached to the jira here:
There is also an example of how it works in the comments section.

I've been asked to reach out to this mailing list concerning this change. I think at issue is the question of who is responsible for this type of filtering; should this type of functionality be part of junit?


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