Thanks for your patience.  In general, patches should be attached to the respective bugs.  Both patches (with changes) are now in HEAD.

   David Saff

2008/12/17 Amanda Robinson <>
See attachments:

fixes: AllMembersSupplier should only add @DataPoint fields - ID: 2191102
Includes one added unit test to
Includes update to AllMembersSupplier.addFields(ParameterSignature,
Includes addition of @DataPoint annotation to every unit test that
appeared to require it, as some had used only 'public static'

fixes: @Theory annotation optional when running with Theories - ID: 2196462
Includes three additional unit tests to
Includes update to Theories.validateTestMethods(List<Throwable>)

I couldn't find a way to put these files directly on SourceForge--I'm
assuming this has to do with various permissions, but if there's
somewhere to do this that I'm just not aware of and it would be
easier, please do point me in that direction.

Thank you,

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