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JumpStart! 1.4 Released

JumpStart! 1.4 has been released! Check the JumpStart! Project for more info:


Posted by HP Admin User 2001-08-15

JumpStart 1.4 beta test

A beta test version of JumpStart 1.4 is available. The finished version will be available soon. New features include:

* MILO support. You can now use JumpStart to help install Linux on AlphaBIOS/ARC machines.
* JumpStart 1.4 now fully supports installing Red Hat 7.
* Support for the upcoming Slackware Alpha distribution.
* Bugfixes!

Most of you will want to wait for the full version, but those of you who are brave and have a good knowlege of Linux already might want to give the beta a shot. There are a couple of known bugs in this release - please read the README, TODO, and BUGS files for more info. You can view these files by selecting the 'js-test' file module.

Posted by HP Admin User 2001-08-14

JumpStart 1.4 nearing completion

It's been a while, but JumpStart! 1.4 is nearing completion.

The big news in this release is support for AlphaBIOS and
MILO. We found and fixed a fairly nasty
bug in MILO itself and need some time to test it and make sure it works properly.

We hope to be able to include dump and restore (the backup utilities) in JumpStart 1.4 as well, but as they are not under the GPL, we have to talk to the lawyers.. ... read more

Posted by HP Admin User 2001-08-14

JumpStart! v1.0

JumpStart! v1.0 and JumpStart! v1.0 Lite are now both avaiable for download. Checkout the
release notes and changelog to see all the new features.

Posted by HP Admin User 2001-08-14

First Announcement!

Here is our first release of our JumpStart! cd image and source. Enjoy!

Posted by HP Admin User 2001-08-14