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OpenJUMP 1.11 released


Version 1.11 release rev.5434 (released on 13. April 2017)

New features
* Added CadTools extension to OpenJUMP PLUS. A set of cad-like tools
and plugins mainly deriving from Kosmo 3.0 source code
* Added Matching extension to OpenJUMP PLUS. A plugin to perform vector
layers matching using advanced geometric or attribute criteria.

* Upgrade csv-driver to 1.0.0 (encoding option to writer + other improvements)
* initial java9 support, still compiled w/ java8
workbench comes up, PLUS extensions throw some errors during startup still
* Small improvements in UpdateWithJoinPlugIn
* improve how MultiInputDialog is resized (let JTextArea increase its size)
* upgrade to jumpjgrapht 0.7.1 (fix a bug related to empty geometries)

Bug fixes
* Fix #458 as well as a regression in RasterImageLayerPropertiesPlugIn
* Fix #456 possible NPE in AutoAssignAttributePlugIn
* Fix a bug in PostGIS writer happening in the evolution merging process
* Restore ZoomToWMSPlugIn capabilities in more recent ZoomToWMSLayerPlugIn
* WMSStylePlugIn dialog did not close (related to Fix #453)
* fix regression "#455 UI problem with decimal parameters and Locale"
rendering MultiInputDialog based plugins using decimal values unusable for
locales formatting decimal number w/ comma instead of dot
* Fix a NullPointerException in Dissolve2PlugIn (ConcatenateUnique)
* fix WFS in PLUS not working due too i18n error
* Fix a robustness problem in MakeValidOp

Posted by ede 2017-04-13

OpenJUMP 1.9.1 released

Hey Kangaroo fans,

here comes OpenJUMP 1.9.1, mainly a maintenance release

attached is the list of changes.

have fun.. ede

Version 1.9.1 release rev.4840 (released on 13. March 2016)

New Features
* Add new GroupByPlugIn in Tools>Analysis menu
* Add a plugin to remove spikes from polygonal geometries
* Deactivate RemoveSpike plugin for 1.9.1 release... read more

Posted by ede 2016-03-13

OpenStreetMap *.osm file reader plugin available

We have been working hard on a plugin to read OpenStreetMaps .osm and files. Since today you can download the latest plugin version (1.0.4) from our plugin > driver section, or get it with the latest nightly build of the PLUS version. This means, OpenJUMP 1.6.4 PLUS will have this driver included.


  • If you use the driver, then, dependent on the file size, you need to assign sufficient memory, which is about 2-3 times the file size. For instance for a 400 MB .osm file, you would need to assign about 1GB of RAM memory to OpenJUMP. This number holds only for osm files. For files you need much more (8 times?).
  • Also the data will be in geographic coordinates, i.e. WGS 84 (EPSG:4326). That means, buildings may look skewed. To get the data into a normal perspective you would need to use OpenJUMPs CTS extension and transform the layer into your regional cartographic projection (you can find more about it on the OpenJUMP wiki).
  • Read the log messages under Window > Log, if any objects have been excluded or could not be found. For instance, some relations miss elements. So there is no guarantee that everything contained in the file is shown.
Posted by mentaer 2013-08-13

OpenJUMP 1.6.3 out

Well, it is already out since End of May (2013). So obviously we forgot to announce it here.
Anyway, as of today we already have some 6343 downloads. Hopefully all happy users :)

Posted by mentaer 2013-08-13

OJ supports keyboard shortcuts

Development snapshots now contain general shortcut support, a shortcut overview is available under Help/Shortcuts.


Posted by ede 2013-03-13

OpenJUMP 1.5.2 released

Thanks to the effort of a few but relentless volunteers, i want to single out Michael for the hard work on this release, you may find the latest greatest OpenJUMP on the files section

We hope you might find this release stable and jump at the opportunity to try it out. Kind regards ..ede

Changes are

Bug fixes
- PLUS edition finally starts at reasonable times even from network shares
- Bug 3521266 : open Raster image (Sextante) checkbox was now always available
when an image file was selected
- Bug 3521940 : Trouble with opening several shapefiles from one zip file
- Preserve z values in JML format, even if first coordinate has no z
- Write again z values in WKT format of Info viewer
- Improved icon display (internal changes + icon replacement)
- Bug 3515663 : Statistics > Classify attribute was throwing an exception
- Bug 3513864 : Raster Image layers (Sextante) have now an icon in the
TreeLayerNamePanel and do not throw exception anymore
- Bug 3513741 : Analysis > Union : attribute used to dissolve was
duplicated in the result layer
- Bug 3513735 : Sextante Raster visibility attribute was not saved in project
- Bug 3510832 : Changing schema with attribute table opened threw exception
- Bug 3510778 : EZ Button did not respect layer editability
- Bug 3497362 : Dialog box of "draw circle from center and radius" popped up
- Bug 3491956 : Union of overlapping lines could not be merged
- Bug 3489322 : Snapping on grid had rounding problems (snapped coordinate
to 872939.1 could be 872939.1000000001)
- Bug 3489028 : FillPolygon ("Create polygon from closed area") could
return a wrong area in the case of polygons with holes.
- Bug 3489026 : FillPolygon ("Create polygon from closed area") can be
long : a work-in-progress dialog box has been added in this case
- Bug 3488976 : Noder plugin failed to split polygons
- Bug 3488974 : Buffer PlugIn : workaround a small problem of robustness
by adding a simplify(geom,0) pre-process
- Bug 3488028 : A dataset read from zip could be tagged editable but could
not be edited. It is now tagged read-only
- Bug 3486847 : Wrong message : When Closing a project with unsaved data,
the message was asking if one want to close OpenJUMP
- SimpleQuery : change the definition of strict intersection from
TFFTFF*** to TFF*FF*** so that closed linestring can also be found... read more

Posted by ede 2012-05-21

OpenJUMP GIS 1.5.1 is shipping

The past week OpenJUMP team has released OpenJUMP 1.5.1. As usual we added functionality and fixed bugs - since our last release. However, we made a hopefully user friendly decision: we will distribute a CORE and a PLUS version.

The CORE version is the usual OpenJUMP version. The PLUS version will contain OpenJUMP plus a number of useful plugins. For instance Sextante for raster analysis (still Version 0.6), CadPlans PrintingPlugin for… well.. printing, DXF driver, PostGIS connector (for writing to PostGIS), Graph Analysis and Topology tools - that can be used for Quality Assurance, the Chart Plugin for creating charts, Beanshell editor etc.... read more

Posted by mentaer 2012-02-14

new OJ 1.4 and Sextante 0.6 bundle

So the bug reported a few hours ago could be fixed (see below) and a new bundled version (under: win32 / 1.4 / Sextante) and a new binding library (under temp) was uploaded.

How to identify if You have a buggy OJ-Sextante bundle?
a) create a layer A with some points and a layer B with some other points in a different location
b) open the sextante toolbox and calculate "density (kernel)" from these layers - with two different search radi (e.g. 200m and 800m), so you obtain Raster A-Density and Raster B-Density
c) create with the sextante function "slope" from each raster a slope raster (Slope is more or less the first derivative of the density). so you obtain Raster A-Density-Slope and Raster B-Density-Slope.
d) Check if these two rasters: look different (because of the different points and different search radii) and are in a different place. If both is true then you have the fixed version, if the results look somehow very similar or error message appear, you have an old version.

Posted by mentaer 2010-10-27

to Sextante users: OJ 1.4 Sextante bundle

Hei all,

The OJ-Sextante bundle released yesterday (26th/27th) is still buggy. I removed it from the OJ 1.4 downloads, as well as the binding.

Doing some more testing this morning revealed that I need to change the bindings for Sextante as well, otherwise wrong rasters may be transmitted to sextante e.g. data from raster A loaded after raster B - when raster B should be transmitted (my original fix, yesterday worked with OJ internal interface).
I try to resolve the bug as soon as possible and make a new release of the OJ 1.4-Sextante bundle.... read more

Posted by mentaer 2010-10-27

OpenJUMP GIS 1.4 out now

Dear users, we released OpenJUMP 1.4 tonight. Highlights are the ez-buttons, more raster support functions, inversion of selection, statistical analysis functions, etc. More info on the new functionality can be found on our wikipage.

Please note that OpenJUMP 1.4 downloadable from 24-26th of October contained a bug for raster-data processing. So all Sextante and raster users should download the new 1.4 version (actually shown as Version in the spash screen )

Posted by mentaer 2010-10-27

New OpenJUMP 1.3.1 Maintenance Release

Hei all,

today I made a maintenance release, due to a tiff-file export bug discovered and reported earlier (see news). Note that there are still problems occuring with loading raster files (using the different systems: build image loader and Sextante Raster Image loader).

A new feature of 1.3.1 is a better support for PostGIS queries allowing to use the view/fence parameters (thank you to Michael).... read more

Posted by mentaer 2009-12-07

pirol/sextante raster image export bug fixed


today I discovered a problem with the tif image export for raster files if for instance Sextante raster processing results should be exported. Unfortunately the export function shifted the images by 0.5 pixels towards NW (since the current implementation did not respect that the world file coordinate is given for the center of the first pixel - and not the pixel corner)

I did a bug fix an hour ago. I hope that tomorrows nightly build contains this fix. ... read more

Posted by mentaer 2009-12-03

No Virus infected openjump.exe

Dear User,

we got lately several reports that openjump.exe contains a virus or trojan. We can not confirm this and believe the reason is that openjump.exe simply calls openjump.bat.

Here is a link to an online check of the file which suggest that openjump.exe is clean:

If you use McAfee you may read this thread about Artemis: read more

Posted by mentaer 2009-12-01

The New OpenJUMP 1.3 - Better Vector Data Editing & Analysis

The OpenJUMP GIS core developer team is proud to announce the release of OpenJUMP 1.3.

This version has better editing capabilities, so the user is able to:
* faster digitise polygons due to the new Auto-complete Polygon tool,
* mark points of interest with the new Note Tool,
* simplify polygon coverages without creating slivers between adjacent polygons,
* compare different editing versions with the new Synchronize function that allows synchronized panning and zooming between two map windows that show different data,
* set attributes of a layer in a batch style using the improved Auto-Assign Attributes function,
* connect or extend existing line geometries when editing with the line tool.... read more

Posted by mentaer 2009-04-19

OpenJUMP 1.2 release

We are happy to announce the final OpenJUMP 1.2 version (Release F). We have done an number of bug fixes and added features such as Drop & Drag, a realtime zoomtool and a new "Open"-Dialog. This version is also available as Windows setup. (Sorry, we are still working on specific MacOSX Install version)

your developer team

Posted by mentaer 2008-04-06

OpenJUMP 1.2D release

Hei again,

another pre-release of OpenJUMP 1.2 is now shipped. We could fix the image loading problem of version 1.2 C. Enjoy...

Hopefully in autumn we have all the minor improvements (such as translations) done to make the 1.2 release.

the Jump Pilot Team

Posted by mentaer 2007-08-16

OpenJUMP 1.2 C pre-release

we are happy to announce another OpenJUMP 1.2 pre-release (C) which includes an number of bug fixes. Although not everything is translated yet to all languages we hope that our users enjoy the new functions. In contrast to 1.2 Beta this 1.2 C version is also available as Windows setup.

the developer team

Posted by mentaer 2007-08-12

moving Sources from CVS to SVN


our development will now take place on the sourcecode in the SVN repository. The source code of the CVS repository can still be accessed, but its not more maintained / updated.
To get access to the current SVN sources within Eclipse, you can use the Subclipse PlugIn. The devlopement takes places on the "trunk" version (not the "stable" branch).


Posted by mentaer 2007-08-01

user survey

We are making a survey of used Jump Versions and PlugIns. Please help us to identify the user needs by filling out this survey on


Posted by mentaer 2007-06-13

help wanted

Dear Reader,

we, the JPP Project and OpenJUMP Community, searching for people which can help us with the following activities:
- create and maintain a project website
- translate OpenJUMP into several languages
- develop new functionality / plugins
- take care on bug fixing
- transfer developements of our local groups into the core.
Especially people with interest in enhancing the OpenJUMP access possibilities of spatial databases and people who want create and maintain a new project website to are needed to be prepared for the future ;)... read more

Posted by mentaer 2006-08-14

Missing inclusion of plugin loader in Windows release 1.0.1

To our OpenJump Windows users: we missed to include the option, that plugins are loaded if one starts the programm by clicking on the desktop icon. To enable this, please right-click on your icon and select the icon “properties”. Then look for the “target” field. Here add at the end:
-plug-in-directory “C:\Programme\Openjump\lib\ext”
.. but with your path to OpenJUMP

Posted by mentaer 2006-08-14

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