#57 Support layers without geometries.

Paolo Rizzi

It would be very useful to support layers with no geometry fields. They, obviously, won't be displyed in the map, but they would, however, appear in the layers' list and they would be accessible from "Edit schema" and "Edit attributes".
It would be useful for plugins and scripts to have this non-map layers available for a variety of reasons.

Paolo Rizzi


  • Jukka Rahkonen

    Jukka Rahkonen - 2015-11-18

    Such layers are actually supported so that they have empty geometries in the geometry column but they are hard to create or import. The csv (auto) driver can almost import csv data without geometries but it is dropping values of the first attribute.

  • mentaer

    mentaer - 2015-11-18

    Hey, to my knowledge its possible to load a cvs without geometries (i.e. empty geometry collections). I have used that in workflows.
    So this can be closesd as solved. I think this cames with an update to Michaels CSV plugin


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