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  • Egrimm

    Egrimm - 2011-10-04

    Hi, I have a huge shapefile in wich I need to split all the roads in all intersection with other roads. I see tyhe button "split line at intersection" but i can't select all the intersection one by one, so i wuold know if there's a way to apply that to all the shapefile.


  • Nobody/Anonymous


    split is a function for manual editing.
    but you can use the function: Tools>Edit Geometry>Node Lines…

    hope that helps

  • Egrimm

    Egrimm - 2011-10-05

    It works but I also need that the line in wich I split the road to mantain they're attributes. In the way you say Openjump created a new level where every road was split in intersection but now they are completely new road with no memory of the original ones. There's a way, maybe with sql interrogation, to split at intersection and mantain the attributes?

    thanks for answers

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    mhm.. without looking, but there is also the planar graph function in geometry… not sure if it maintains the attributes
    And we have function to transfer attributes from one layer to another. But I am not sure either if that works well for lines… as it is intersection based.

  • michael michaud

    michael michaud - 2011-10-05

    Hi, this one worth a feature request as this is a function which should be available in OpenJUMP.
    Now the workaround :
    - Node lines with Tools>Edit Geometry>Node Lines
    Now, the difficulty is that splitted line are not strictly included in source lines (due to floating point computation issues)
    - Create a thin buffer around features of your original layer (one buffer per feature, keeping attributes). Buffer must be very thin (let's say 0.001 meter or 0.000001 degree)
    - Now, make a simple spatial join (Tools>Analysis>Simple Spatial Join) between noded features and buffers where splitted features are included in buffer.


  • Egrimm

    Egrimm - 2011-10-12

    Thanks a lot! It worked!


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