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SVG not available

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-09

    Hello everybody, it's my first intervention on sourceforge…but not my first download…

    So, I'm a student in geography and planning, and this year, we are beginning to use  GIS Software… I prefer use free software, like Openjump. I use it easly as ArcGis, but I'm not able to export a view in svg. I have only two choices: jpg or png. I redownloaded the software, but it still impossible. I also try it on ubuntu, same problem…

    Can somebody help me? THX!

  • michael michaud

    michael michaud - 2012-10-09


    SVG export plugin is only available in PLUS edition (also free and open source) because it has a quite large dependency (batik library).
    Didi you try the PLUS edition ?

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-11

    Thank you for this quick answer. I never read anything about the PLUS edition. I just found it now.
    It's downloading….
    I installing….
    It works! thanks a lot!

    Now, I want to understant why there is a normal version and a PLUS version? Why the dvp team doesn't make an unique version?
    The logic of creat a lot of version is like commerial softwear (player, player plus, player premium, player gold premium ++, …)

  • mentaer

    mentaer - 2012-10-11


    yes we understand your argument. The Plus edition contains "plugins" (i.e. functions) that are not developed by the core team, i.e. are mostly not part of our source code repository. That is we do/can not maintain them or keep them less uptodate. However we think they are very useful for a wider audience and wan to avoid that people need to find and install them each on their own. That is why we ship them with the OpenJUMP Core together as Plus.
    However, the alternative would be to develop a mechanism that downloads and installs them on demand, as for instance, Firefox or Quantum GIS.

  • michael michaud

    michael michaud - 2012-10-11

    There is a second argument which is to keep OpenJUMP as light as possible to make it easy to download, easy to learn, easy to use on small devices or old machines for newbies or students.



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