Beginner question on querying database

  • Joe Keighery

    Joe Keighery - 2012-09-29

    I am conducting some research for my college. I am using Openjump to display points of interest on a map. The coordinate system is the Irish National Grid which works with Eastings(m) and Northings(m). I have multiple .csv files (8 .csv files so I have layer control for each category of points of interest) which have been loaded into openjump and the points are being displayed in the correct parts of the map. What I want to do is query a point to find out what other points of interest are within a 10km radius any point in question. Would anybody be able to guide me through such a process?

    I have very little experience in using GIS. Any help would be appreciated. . . .

    Many thanks

  • michael michaud

    michael michaud - 2012-09-29


    You should be able do do your query from the menu
    Tools > Queries > Simple query…

    Choose the layer you want to use as the reference (or use the selection instead)
    Choose the layer you want to query (or all layers)

    Note1 : the "is Within" operator is editable so that you can enter 10000 as you wish
    Note2 : OpenJUMP will ignore your reference system. If you work with coordinates in meters, just input your radius in meters.

    Hope that helps,


  • Joe Keighery

    Joe Keighery - 2012-09-29


    That works.

    Many thanks for your help,



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