Increasing memory v1.6

  • Noel Williams

    Noel Williams - 2013-05-29

    I have 12GB of memory on my Mac Pro. I use huge files and to avoid 'out of memory' messages prior to v1.6 I could increase the memory allocated by editing a line in the file ''.


    If I attempt to do this with v1.6 (including 1.63) the program will not run.

    Has something changed? Am I doing something wrong?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I thought it should just work when you put:
    for instance?
    What happened is that in the script the amount of memory that can be assigned is now calculated depending on existing ram and natural limits (= JVM support) - but if you set it to the same amount as in your previous 1.5.X version, then it should work (…I hope so at least?).


  • Noel Williams

    Noel Williams - 2013-08-03

    I've gone back to using 1.52 for several months now, because I haven't found a way of increasing the memory allocation with 1.6 (including the latest build today). I have tried amending '' in various ways

    but in each case the program fails to run (no error message).

    Do you have any other suggestions? Why does increasing the memory allocation work without any problems for 1.52?

  • mentaer

    mentaer - 2013-08-03


    ok: first thing is you can not assign more memory then you have. Also I think Java has a limit for handling memory.
    But anyway: check for the line

    and change it to
    JAVA_MAXMEM="-Xmx2048M"< you should have 2 GB assigned

    also, try to use your 1.52 file with 1.6; it should work as well.

  • Noel Williams

    Noel Williams - 2013-08-03

    Thanks for your suggestion. That's interesting. Some progress.

    Using JAVA_MAXMEM="-Xmx2048M" works fine, as does JAVA_MAXMEM="-Xmx2G".

    However if I increase this to 3GB or above it does NOT work.

    I have 12GB of RAM and currently 'Free Memory = 9GB'. Strange!

  • Noel Williams

    Noel Williams - 2013-08-03

    If I copy from 1.52 and put it into 1.6 it does NOT work.

    1.52 works fine with JAVA_MAXMEM="-Xmx6G"

  • mentaer

    mentaer - 2013-08-06

    Ok, I asked our start-up script specialist and got this answer:

    "run it with a 64bit jre. oj_macos.command currently enforces 32bit mode. disable that and it should be possible.


  • Noel Williams

    Noel Williams - 2013-08-07

    In file 'oj_macosx.command' I commented out the line

    and it all works perfectly with JAVA_MAXMEM="-Xmx6G"

    A huge 'thank you'. You've made my day.


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