#312 Menu slow down


A co-worker has worked several days with the same project (same opened session). Day after day, the menu items took more times to be opened. After a few days, it was unbearable, I closed the project and started a new OpenJUMP and menus were fast again.
I cannot reproduce the problem though.
Particular context was :
- layer manager contained WMS layer, RunDatstoreQuery Layers, vector layers, the person opened many attribute windows without closing them.
I tried to reproduce this context but could not reproduce the slowdown.


  • mentaer

    mentaer - 2013-04-23

    how about the undo chain?
    or doing a garbage collect of the ram?
    Are WMS images stored as intermediate results somewhere?
    on the other hand: could be everything... even the VM.
    Are you trying to reproduce now on your colleagues computer?

  • ede

    ede - 2013-04-24

    something similar was the reason i optimized MrSid.

    once an image was loaded OJ became very unresponsive, slow menus etc. once i removed the MrSid image layer or made it invisible speed was restored.
    i found that the image was converted and reloaded in the paint() method on every call, which is senseless as the view port is painted lot's of times, without the bounding box changing or similar, so no need to actually reload the image. hence i introduced a caching that only reloads if really necessary, if not simply redraw the image already in memory, et voila ;) speed again.

    maybe there is a similar issue in the wms or some other referenced image code?



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