#295 project cannot be saved with csv datasource

michael michaud

The csv datasource cannot be saved in a project.


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  • I added java2xml files to the csv plugin, but I found to tricky problems that I will not be able to fix before 1.6 :
    External driver : if one includes a file depending on an external driver extension in a project, he will not be able to read the project again without the extension. The problem is that it fails during the xml parsing, and the whole project will fail. It would be nice to be able to skip the file (as I just did with datastores when a database connection is broken). It is more difficult with a missing datasource class though becauase it fails during xml parsing.
    I18N : SelectFileOptionPanel currently takes care of option I18N, which means that internationalization is supposed to be in the core, even for options coming from an extension. Don't know yet what is the best way to solve the problem.

  • Should be fixed with version 0.8 of csv driver

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