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JukeX Jukebox System / News: Recent posts

JukeX 0.8.3 Released

This is another bug fixing / minor enhancement release.
The most important changes are to the user interface: The interface now works better for lower screen resolutions.

Posted by Nigel Atkinson 2002-07-23

JukeX 0.8.2 Released

JukeX 0.8.2 introduces some further bug fixes and usability improvements. There is now a FAQ (mainly dealing with installation issues) and a link to add the Mozilla/Netscape sidebar panel.

Posted by Nigel Atkinson 2002-07-09

JukeX 0.8.1 Released

JukeX 0.8.1 introduces numerous bug fixes and usability improvements as well as putting in place some of the infrastructure modifications necessary for user authentication and role-based privileges.

Posted by Nigel Atkinson 2002-07-05

JukeX released on SourceForge

JukeX, the open source Java web jukebox application, is released to the open source community. The project, currently in beta, aims to provide a reliable, maintainable and extensible system for managing and playing digital music in multi-user environments.

Posted by Nigel Atkinson 2002-06-27