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After a long time a new release of the PJB100 Jukebox manager.
Some fixes, some changes, not much but enough for a new release

Posted by wim delvaux 2001-12-10


A new major release featuring besides bugfixes and other minor changes, Disk Jukebox management.
Disk jukeboxes are as set of MP3 files stored in some (limited) disk space are. The jukeboxmgr will manage that disk space and allow you to load a (random) set of mp3 of your entire multi volumed MP3 collection

Posted by wim delvaux 2001-08-24

more small fixes

Changed sequence of headers of VTOC listview
Fixed sporadic bug when changing sequence of album tracks

Posted by wim delvaux 2000-11-26

New release JukeboxMgr

Released minor upgrade of JukeboxMgr

Posted by wim delvaux 2000-11-23

Changed name of JukeboxMgr

To be more in line with what most people do, I have
renamed the package to QJukeboxMgr indicating an Qt application

Posted by wim delvaux 2000-11-16

New version of JukeboxMgr

Version 0.9.2 is released with some more bugfixes

Posted by wim delvaux 2000-11-14

Some bugfixes

Version 0.9.0-beta2 is released,
Some bugfixes concering changing year field of ID3-tag
Added VERSION field in configuration->global tab

Posted by wim delvaux 2000-11-13