#4 Pause/Continue download, bandwidth cap


Currently, you can only cancel a download, alltogether.
It would be nice to be able to pause/continue the
downloading of (individual) files (in case somebody
urgently needs bandwidth on shared wire).
Bandwidth throttling/usage maximizatzion would also be


  • Shaya Halim

    Shaya Halim - 2010-07-29

    This one sounds like a good feature to add.
    (Actually TWO features to add :-) )

  • Shaya Halim

    Shaya Halim - 2010-09-01

    I've been thinking about the implementation of a pause feature and came to a conclusion the "Pause" feature should replace the "Cancel" function. What I mean is that after there is a "Pause download" function there is no sense in having a "Cancel / Stop" function. If a user needs to restart a download fresh he could simply delete the enclosure and download it again.

    Enclosure could be in three basic states:
    Completed - Fully downloaded, could be played
    Paused - Waiting in queue to be downloaded
    Stopped - Enclosure is out of the queue, it will not continue downloading until the user "restarts" it. A restarted enclosure goes back to the queue.
    There is no specific order in the queue.

    Here is my use case description:
    Stopping / Restarting a download will be done on all the selected enclosures on the download list.

    Completed enclosures would me marked as they are marked today.
    Stopped enclosures would be marked with a "square" (like the "stop" mark in VCR)
    Paused enclosures would be marked with two lines (like the "pause" mark in VCR)

    The buttons would change to "Remove" (X), Stop ([]), Play (VCR Play) buttons
    If only one enclosure is selected the buttons would be enabled / disabled in relation with the allowed actions. If more then one enclosure is selected all buttons will be enabled, but if course only the relevant enclosures would be processed when the user presses a button (i.e. Only stopped enclosures would be processed if the user presses the play button. Only Downloading/Queued enclosures would be processed if the stop button is pressed etc')

    Are there any other ideas (other then changing the icons? :) )


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